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In brief....
The Montessori method

Montessori education is a special dynamic educational system created for preschool and school children, which was developed by Italian doctor Maria Montessori. It helps in the comprehensive development of children and youth and includes a holistic approach to their upbringing, education and development.

The main goal of the Montessori program is to help the child achieve his full potential in all spheres of life. Classes are conducive to developing social skills, emotional growth and improving physical condition and coordination, as well as cognitive preparation for further education and adult life.

Metoda Montessori
20 05 2019

This weekend (26/05/2019), apart from our friends and guests, we invite everyone interested in education in our kindergarten, primary...

Młodzieżowy Turniej Turystyczno-Krajoznawczy
12 05 2019
Youth Touring and Sightseeing Tournament

Provincial stage of the National Youth Tournament in Radom.

Spring Show 2019
22 03 2019
Spring Show 2019

This year we watched the fairytale spectacle "The Happily Ever After Store".

I Konferencja Naukowa
15 03 2019
1st Scientific Conference

The human body and biology have no secrets for us! We present the report from our Scientific Conference

Weronika wygrała Olimpiadę Chemiczną!
08 03 2019
Weronika won the Chemistry Olympiad!

We have a group of students and teachers really special :)

Odyseja Umysłu 2019
25 02 2019
Mind Odyssey 2019

Regional eliminations of the Odyssey of the Mind are already behind us - both our teams have passed to...

We invite you to our branches!
Recruitment 2019/2020

This is another opportunity to find cool kids and great young people who want to spread their wings in an extremely creative environment. Ask for vacancies in Kindergarten, Primary School and High School! We create the best possible conditions for education and development of children and youth. Learn the prerequisites and a friendly recruitment procedure for our facilities – have been designed so that you have the comfort of choice and was sure that your child went to the right place for him.

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