Międzynarodowe Centrum Edukacji Montessori
About us

We are a team of teachers inspired by Montessori pedagogy, created at the beginning of the 20th century and constantly developed in the spirit of the latest humanistic trends in upbringing and education of children and youth. We are different from ordinary schools and this is our undeniable success. We are specialists who discover the versatility and complementarity of Montessori pedagogy. We do not create a school illusion, but we bring up successive generations of self-aware wonderful Young people against whom the world is opening. We are also parents who every day see how the Montessori Method affects the development of our children. We want them not to be afraid of challenges and enter into life without complexes. We teach them to ask difficult questions and look for meaning in the intricacies of our world. Because of the constant search for the truth is the essence of the Montessori Method.

MCEM’s mission is to provide the best possible conditions for the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development of CHILDREN based on the pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori so that in the future they can become happy, self-aware, fulfilled PEOPLE.

Our graduates are happy people present in various areas of social life, making a conscious decision, using in their life a plan, able to distinguish between important and less important, for which others are always important and whose talents they see, they can take care of their health.

Teachers and educators are our greatest asset. There is at least one in each class, which is prepared to work using the Montessori Method, which guarantees the highest level of teaching and full commitment to its process. As part of cooperation with MCEM, They pass Successful Teacher Training (communication without violence). In their work with students, they pursue their passions. The basis of education is for them an individual relationship with the student. They like to teach actively, creating so-called teaching situations for students. They are interested in pro-active teaching based on the latest research in the field of neuropsychology and the achievements of information technology.


We believe that:

1. Every child is born good, complete and unique and therefore needs an individual approach.
2. All children in the development process need unconditional acceptance.
3. Children develop best in a sense of love, security, understanding, and stability.
4. Children, regardless of their age, have the right to be respected.
5. Children need an example of adults who can set boundaries wisely.
6. The sense of success gives faith in one’s abilities, shapes adequate self-esteem and is the foundation for motivation for further development.
7. Cooperation better than competition supports the atmosphere of science and development.
8. Children can create innovative, creative solutions if only the surrounding gives them an opportunity.
9. Children through observation of adults learn respect for others, for the surrounding nature and pro-social attitudes.
10. Adults present in the environment of children are obliged to support children in their work on themselves, to set and achieve planned goals.
11. Education is a great adventure that lasts a lifetime and brings a lot of satisfaction and joy.

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